DIY shelf with fabric backing


I have recently changed the color scheme of my room, so I decided to repaint a favorite shelf of mine and add something unique to it. 




first I painted the shelf white, It took about three coats to make it a bright white


I wanted to add a pop of color to the shelf, so I decided to place fabric in the back. I used the same fabric that was used to make my bench, so that the pieces can tie together in my room. after the paint dried,  I cut out a piece of fabric to fit onto the the back of the shelf.


Instead of using a staple gun, I pin down the fabric by hammering metal tacks in with a hammer. I do it one section at a time so I can be sure that the fabric is stretched out properly. 

DSCF3575 DSCF3576

It ended up being the perfect edition for my room, an ideal way to make a big change without having to buy a whole new shelf.


DIY Burlap frame with flower and lace accents for $10



A close neighbor of mine is pregnant with a little girl so I wanted to make her something cute that he daughter will be able to keep in her room as she grows. First, I went to the store to buy a burlap frame, some fabric flowers, and a piece of white lace.


I wanted the lay the lace horizontally across the top of the frame, so i make the measurements and I cut the lace accordingly. DSCF3543

I made sure there was enough lace to pull the lace unto the backside of the frame so I can easily attach it to the lace. After the lace is glued I glue the three flower pieces onto the corner of the frame to give it a more simplistic but still beautiful accent.



Frame: $5

Lace: $2.50

Flowers: $2.50

Total: $10.00




Repaint and Reupholster for under $10

Many people fail to see the simplicity in reupholstering furniture. All you need is a beautiful fabric and a staple gun. First, I brought out an old piece of fabric that I’ve been saving for a rainy day and stapled it onto the cushion of the bench


I then started working on spray painting the rest of the piece. I decided to spray paint the wood a lighter turquoise color to match the lighter color of the fabric.


After Painting the stool and letting it dry I put it all together and Voilà: A beautiful new addition to my room.

DSCF3523 DSCF3519

Stool: Free (Gift)

Paint: $5

Fabric: $2

Total: $7

DIY University of Alabama Stool

Hi Guys! this week has been a very memorable one. It will always be remembered for the day my boyfriend wanted to go thrift store shopping and paint with me :). we were both very excited when we found this stool for five dollars! After that we went to the store to buy some paint. the best place to look for paint is in the OOP’s paint section. (this section contains paint that people asked the store to make but then later decided to not buy it)  The oops paint section is usually 50% off or more. There my boyfriend and I bought some red and white paint



My boyfriend attends University of Alabama so I thought a good thing to make him would be a stool with the UA logo on it. First, we painted it a red color and then let it dry. After that I took it home, found a picture of the UA logo to turn into a stencil, then traced the stencil in pencil. I then painted in the trace with white, then outlined the logo in sharpie, a beautiful stool finally finished! And we still have plenty of paint to make many more! It was a successful week for sure!



complete price

Stool: $5


Total: $11